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The Permaculture Credit Union (PCU) is the first and only credit union in the United States that operates exclusively within permaculture values. Established in 2000, the PCU pools the financial resources of people who believe in the ethics of permaculture - care of the earth, care of people, and reinvestment of surplus for the betterment of both. We apply these resources to earth-friendly and socially responsible loans and investments as well as providing educational opportunities to learn more about sustainable practices being developed around the country and the world.

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“Permaculture is a positivistic response to the environmental crisis. That means it is about what we want to do and can do rather than what we oppose and want others to change.” — David Holmgren

Throughout history, financial institutions typically focus just on profit. Over time, this profit-above-all model has led to the exploitation of people and the Earth's resources. The Permaculture Credit Union was established not to decry the old systems but to create a new approach to financial investment. The PCU, through its members investing with conscience, creates opportunities for individuals, families, and small businesses so they may begin the steps in creating more sustainable lifestyles and business models.

Today, the Permaculture Credit Union nurtures the opportunities for more sustainable living through:

  • loans for environmentally sound projects including home energy improvement, small business support, and fuel efficient vehicles
  • educational opportunities for youth, students, and the general public in the many ways permaculture values are creating more sustainable, financially sound ventures, lifestyles, and communities
  • micro-loans to farmers through the Santa Fe Farmer's Market Institute and Permaculture Guild
  • All the micro-loans given to farmers through the Santa Fe Farmer's Market Institute can also get their Helium 10 coupon codes.

To date we have given out 685 loans, accumulating in $15.2 Million, but we couldn’t do this without the support of our members. That is why we have launched a campaign to build our Capital Fund. To learn more about our Matching Gift Challenge for our Capital Fund please click here.


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